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 Revolutionary Transducer Cord Management.

The only system on the (ice) market today. 

New Patent Pending technology!!!

  • ezducertm is a Remote Controlled, 12-volt dc, brush-less motorized, reel driven system that removes the transducer from the water with just a push of a button.

  • Fight the fish! without the worry of wrapping around the cord.

  • After you land a fish, push the button again and the transducer will go back down the hole, it's just that ez...   

  • ezducertallows you to get the bait back down quicker to the fish and keep'em around you longer, by avoiding annoying tangles. 

  • Fish faster, land more fish and be more productive on the ice! 

  • The ability to automatically wind up and stow your transducer is not only extremely convenient, it also increases your mobility.

  • Move from hole to hole with ez... 

  • ezducertm uses the on-board 12-volt battery from your sonar unit.

  • ezducertm  delivers several hundred to more than a thousand, up and down cycles on a single charge. With the sonar running  simultaneously .

  • ezducertm  pivots behind your sonar unit (Ultra Pack only) so it can still stow away in a 5 gallon bucket.

*** Compatible with all Vexilar units.

(if you have the dual-beam or tri-beam you will need  to mount the switch box onto the outside of the reel cover)

*** Mounts easily to the Ultra Case and Genz Box (will not fit in 5 gallon bucket.) 

*** The Pro Pack 2 will need an additional bracket.  (will not fit in 5 gallon bucket.)       

Check out our Gallery for more ezducertm  customer pics

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Product  Features

Finest Materials

Made of durable ABS plastic and corrosion resistant metals.

Powerful Brushless 12v DC 90 Degree Gear Motor

Quiet, long lasting, explosion proof-- for many years of reliable service.

Single Button Remote Control

Simple, one button, key fob transmitter-- for up and down control.

Teflon Guide

Teflon paddle for reduced friction on transducer cord. Less water cohesion for reduced icing.

Adjustable Stop

Change cord length with the use of a two piece rubber stop.


Waterproof IP68 box for electronic controls 

Waterproof  IP68 aviation connectors   Water resistant remote key fob

Super Low Battery Consumption

Uses your own sonar unit's battery and can last for many hours on a single charge.

After last remote signal...

.ez ducertm automatically shuts off after 5 seconds.

240 degree Constant Friction Hinge

Pivots around to the back of the case for easy storage.

Will not swing around loosely when moved.

3 Year Limited Warranty




A new               will eliminate...

  • worrying about the ducer, after hooking up!

  • losing a fish to the ducer!

  • creating slack line when reaching for the ducer!

  • having to put the ducer back down the hole!

  • wasting time with annoying tangles, while the school of fish just swims away!

  • sore ankles from kneeling all day!

  • how many times your hands get wet and cold! 

  • stopping your friends from fishing every time you hook up!

  • long, hanging, problem cords!

  • wasting valuable ice time doing any of these!

Land more fish and spend more time fishing!

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