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Right Side Mount or Left Side Mount?

If you are Right handed, I suggest the Right side mount. It is more comfortable to fish with because the hole placement will be offset to the right of your screen. It will be similar to the offset of your right shoulder to your head. And your hand will not cross your sight line to your screen while jigging. And conversely the left side mount for Left handers for the same reasons.

Compatible with all Vexilar units,

* If you have the dual-beam or tri- beam you will need  to mount the switch box onto the outside of the ezducer reel cover.  

                                         *Mounts to Vexilar's
               Ultra Pack w/o any additional bracket.
*If you have the Pro Pack II you will need to purchase additional bracket.
 * If you have the Genz Box it is not necessary, but it is a good option.

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